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Job Posting

Companies and MSHA members are invited to post their career opportunities on the MSHA Website, in accordance with the following guidelines.


  • Job Postings will remain on the MSHA website for 45 days, unless resubmitted as described below.
  • Job Postings will be posted within two weeks of receipt.
  • Postings must be received electronically using the submission form provided below.
  • Descriptions may be not longer than 100 words, and must contain an EOE statement.
  • MSHA reserves the right to edit copy. If changes are required the ad will be returned to the sponsor which may delay postings of the ad.

Posting Fees

$75 for new job posting $50 for renewal of a job posting

Job postings will be posted within two weeks after payment has been received.
Payment may be made by:

  • Issuing a check to MSHA, and mailed to the
    MSHA Central Office
    2000 E. Broadway PMB 296,
    Columbia, MO 65201-6092

  • Contacting the MSHA Central Office, 888-729-6742, to arrange payment by credit card.

  • Filling out the online form.

Add Your Company Banner Ad

Company Banner Ads can be displayed on the MSHA Career Postings page as a stand along advertisement or displayed with a current Job Posting.

Stand Alone Banner Ads with a web or email link

$250 for 4 months $800 for 12 months

Banner Ad placed with current Job Posting

$75 for new job posting $35 for renewal

Banner ads must be submitted via email to MSHA@showmemsha.org as either a jpg or gif file.
Size is to be no larger than 234 x 60 pixels and any animation is to be limited to two cycles.

Job Submission Form


First Name:
Last Name:
Payment Method
Check will be forwarded to the MSHA Central Office
Credit Card Payment
Credit Card Type:
Credit Card Number:  
Enter your credit card 16 digit number without hyphens or spaces (example: 1234567891234567)
Expiration Date : Month Year
Type of Job Submission
New Job Submission $75 Renewal Job Submission $50
Banner Ad
Stand Alone Banner Ad
for 4 months $250
Stand Alone Banner Ad
for 12 months $800
Banner Ad with a
new Job Posting $75
Banner Ad with a
renewal Job Submission $35
Company email link or web link:
Job Information
Company/Organization Name:
Job Title:
Deadline for
Applicant Submission:
Job Description, including all relevant contact information for the applicant.
Please limit this section to a maximum of 100 words.
Questions:  Contact the MSHA Office at 1-888-729-6742 or msha@showmemsha.org

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